France - 2002

I took a mighty fine trip to France for two weeks in October, 2002.  Wandering through Paris, Nice, and Lyon, along with day trips to Monaco, Cannes, Versailles made for quite a trip and over 500 pictures.  These pages exhibit a couple hundred of the best ones for your viewing pleasure.  You'll note that I took pictures of lots of things I thought were interesting, or historic, or something.

Warning - All the way though I'm writing captions from memory, so please take them with a grain of salt.


The Louvre was a very impressive place, though I guess different than I expected.  Certainly a giant place; would take two days of power viewing to see it all, more like 3-4 for most people.  These pictures are difficult to organize, but I've tried to lay them out according to art type.

The rest of the city was just as interesting, so I had to hit all the tourist sites:

Nice Area / French Riviera