Louvre Sculptures

Some very cool and impressive courtyards filled with sculptures.  We didn't even get to the side sculpture galleries on the main floor.

A very famous old scene; hundreds of years old, maybe even 1,500.

One of the sculpture gardens.  All seem recently renovated and are very nice.

Pretty gold church scene.

And, of course, a gold church to go with it. This thing is about 3 feet long.

Famous last sculpture by someone.  This is 10-12 feet tall and over a foot thick.  Amazing ability to carve in 3D, especially with all the arms, horse head, etc.  This is actually 4-6 blocks that were done in Italy and moved later.

A very cool portrait, about 2-1/2 feet tall.  I want one of these made of me.

Cool sculptures.

Family scene.

Another famous carving, maybe the oldest in existence, maybe 2,000 years old, with a missing right panel.

Cool statue.  Very Roman.

Nice furniture for my bedroom.

Really pretty gold carving of Jesus on the cross.

Giant door guards.