Went to Monaco for a few hours on day; unfortunately, it was pouring rain all day, but at least got to visit some interesting and famous places.

City view, with mountains close behind.

Main boat harbor.  That's the royal yacht on the right.

Small boat harbor.

Cannon to ward off invaders !

Famous casino that pays for everything.  Very nice place, though empty on a Thursday afternoon in October.

Main church in Monaco; one of the nicest I saw the whole trip.

Altar and ceilings.

Church interior.  Very nice.


Palace guard at attention.

Man fishing; thought this was cool in amongst all the multi-million dollar yachts.

Darn nice boat.

Royal Yacht.  Between 250-300 feet long.

Good comparison of yacht sizes; all are tide up to same dock at the rear, so just when you think your boat is nice, a longer one pulls up !  Size does matter.

Went to Royal Aquarium, which was nice.  Saw this cool drawing of a fish.

They had a full size replica of the Nautilus, the first submarine; built in the US in the 1700's, I believe.

There was a nice Japanese Tea Garden right in the middle of Monte Carlo, so I thought I'd stop by.  Very cool setting, in amongst the buildings, as you can see.

Bridges, lanterns, Japanese plants, of course.

Lantern with pretty colored tree.

Little waiting house.

Larger, Japanese-style tea house on the water.

Concrete bridge over pond with lantern.  Very peaceful here.

Good Carp identification sign.