Had a great day out at the palace at Versailles.  Built by Louis XIV, it is most impressive, especially the grounds.  It took the entire GNP of France to build the entire facility over something like 20 years.

The main court as you walk up from town.  Original small building on this site is at far right.  King has personal church at right.  This is only a small portion of the whole place.

Looking at the back of the palace, from the small pond in back.  A small portion of the grounds are shown.

The left side gardens and pond, which are medium sized.  Very, very nice.


The main view of the back gardens, with the big lake.  The main lake all the way down has sail and other boats floating around in it.  It's about a mile to the far end.
The entire property is this large, but square, as there are hunting forests on each side.

Me in front of a view of the left gardens.

Man mooning shore from boat in lake.

Main court and town from King's bedroom.

Good pix looking down from Heaven.

Ceiling detail; very vibrant.

More ceiling detail; amazing work, and this is everywhere.

Nice painting of women and their children.

Globe and stars - for teaching young King Louis about the world

Beautiful gold dresser.

Hall of mirrors - where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, ending World War I.

One of the Louis.

King Louis, who was very proud of his legs.

Good leader picture.

Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napolean I

Personal transport - minions carried you around the palace or town in this little box.  It's so huge that it's easy to see why you'd want this.

Blurry pix of a revolution painting.  King Louis and Marie Antoinette were hiding at Versaille when the mobs came from them during the revolution.  They were beheaded.

Royal bedroom.

Another royal bedroom.  The king held court here every morning with his ministers, etc.