Musee D'Orsey I

My favorite museum in Paris - a view shared by many others.  Recently renovated, it has a great mix of paintings and sculptures in a bright and airy new hall.

Pretty colorful picture of the coast; part of a larger collection of pretty pix like this.

Another, more mosaic scene.

Cool black sculptures.

Blue water lillies.  A famous picture, I think.


Another bridge.  Sorry for blur.

Really pretty picture, very vibrant.

Interesting mode of transport.

Men of the day.

Girl on rock.

Girls frolicking, as girls do.

Blue girl with sheep.

Girl doting on man.  I can't seem to find girls like this.

Pretty stained glass.

Bleeding breasts.  I couldn't figure out the point of this.

Hero slaying alligators to protect women.  I like the upside down one about to be eaten; lots of sculpting work.