Around Nice I

Spent a week in Nice, on the Riviera.  Very nice, of course !  

View from big hill east of town.  This is the heart of the Riviera; this beach is extremely crowded during summer, when the world flocks here.

Nice harbor.

Harbor looking over the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy and Turkey.

Another seaward view.

Nice and me.

Cool waterfall in park on hill.

An even better beach/city view.

Art museum sculpture.  This thing is huge, bigger than buildings behind.

Two lovers sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean.  Very romantic.

Nice war memorial.  Built right into mountain, about 100 feet high.

A pub where manikins piss, I guess.

More Roman ruins.

Took a day trip to a perfume factory near Nice; famous town which lies at the hear of French perfume making.  This is how they used to extract the essence of flowers; by pressing them in lard.

The more modern essence extractor, which uses steam to push out the essential oils.

The filtering and mixing room.  Very aromatic in here !

A Space Needle looking object in their museum.

Perfume Museum picture of a girl being properly taken care of.

Another picture of proper care of a lady.

Three young women in the main Nice town square.