Wine Party

A fun wine party was held in September, with something like 80-100 attendees; unfortunately, the host was a bit shoddy on his picture taking duty.  Fortunately, he photographed only the most handsome and lovely subjects, to wit:

Must start with myself, I suppose, with the lovely Adel & Sue.

Daniel talking to a mystery wine taster.

Adel & Sue again.

Francesco & Catherine enamored with John's lawyerly discourse (or dirty joke).

Helen & Florence.

Four examples of Japanese beauty, Elli, Natsuko, Norie, and Emi.

Jim, Mary, and Alicia enjoying too much wine.

Helen & Florence with the host.

Marie & Adam.

Steve & Florence (queen of the delicious brie).

Marie & Tammy.

Tony & his lovely wife Sandy.

Yuri, Norie, and Akemi's arm/hair.