Park and City

I wandered around the city near the hotel, along with the nearby park.

The view from the hotel, over the auditorium and park

Cool evening view - this is the original light, with the sun just going down; very bright

Another view, different direction; something like 10 million people live here

View over the park of downtown

Good view of the big yellow steel sculpture outside hotel, with taxi.

Typical Mexican street corner

A very nice mall near the hotel - of course, a guard out front with a shotgun and police inside

Interesting church I spotted from the hotel

Inside the church

Interesting statue outside the museum of anthropology

Road I walked down in park, where a guy tied to rob me.  I had to beat him up.

Cool lake in park, with families in boats, enjoying the beautiful Mexico City day.

Sorry for quality - but this was a cool dude in sunglasses driving a very yellow VW Bug.

Our tour guide reminded us that Mexicans like to eat and thus are not slim !

Artisan making stone and obsidian carvings

Weaver of beautiful cloth; this is very interesting to me, as I used to design weaving looms

The Blue Agave plant - where Tequila comes from