Geneva - The Town

I was in Geneva for two days, including a wonderful tour by Janet, who made sure I saw the real Geneva (well, what there was of it)

So, first, this is Geneva with the French Alps behind.  Notice the famous fountain on the right.  That's lake Geneva to the right.  This picture is from a mountain in France.  The UN buildings are on the upper right, up behind the fountain.

And there's me in the picture.


And the most interesting statue or sculpture in the city.

And the most interesting building; not sure what this is, maybe a newspaper stand or police box.  That's the big fountain behind the trees.

The famous flower clock - see if you can find all the numbers scattered around the lawn.  Very pretty.

Detail of the #7 (for good luck) - notice the high quality and results of daily tending of the flowers.

Pretty fountain in the park,with Lake Geneva behind (giant fountain is just behind tree to the right)

Interesting DHL ad; nothing to do with Geneva, but the engines caught my eye.

A view from the airplane, looking opposite from the mountain picture at the top of this page.

Another look down on Geneva (to left, see fountain), but looking along the lake - my meetings were in Morges, with is 2/3rds of the way along the lake on the far side.  Lucerne is at the far right on the far side of the lake.

Geneva has very few stop lights, so most intersections you just wing it - here is an example; it's really a free-for-all, even for pedestrians; pretty scary in some cases.

A SMART car - very small; you can even park it sideways, as it's shorter than a parallel parking spot is wide.

Thought this was interesting - after you flush, the seat actually rotates (it's half-way through here) under a cleaning head (the white box emitting water); it scrubs the seat and then retracts.  Those crafty Swiss.