Milan, Italy

Not a lot of time in Milano, but still an interesting place.

A very cool indoor (sort of) shopping arcade; two city blocks enclosed in a roof

with a McDonald's, of course.

The Duomo - a famous 1,000 year old church that is the center of Milan.  Heavily modified over the centuries, it's a very impressive place.

The front door; note size of man

Lots of glass

Pretty all around

Interesting ball / globe in one of the alcoves

The inside itself.  Picture taking is not allowed.

The roof - you are allowed to come up here and wander around.  Check out the extensive detail.

Example of modifications - old statues are hidden behind new walkways and spires added hundreds of years later.  Much of this was done during the Martin Luther and Protestant days, when Italian churches added even more Roman stuff to show their allegiance to the Pope.

View of the city including one of dozens of spire statues.

Some kids hanging out on the roof.  They paid to get up there, but there were lots of kids just hanging out everywhere.

We are in Italy, after all, so one must see kissing !

Interesting sculpture.

Statue of Leanardo

Across from the hotel; some random very old building.