Madrid - Museum

I was able to visit the Prado, the world-famous Madrid museum.  A huge place, though lots of repetitive art, I thought.  No English captions made it difficult to understand the full history, though the occasional audio caption (maybe 5% of the collection) helped.

Very nice black statue

Black princess

I really loved these reliefs; very lovely.

Not sure what to make of this - boob feeding man

Another great ivory carving

Not sure what this is, but I liked it

Fat baby


Almost a Dali; weird

A famous series of pictures; the dogs are chasing and eating the women in the center as punishment, I think for getting married without permission

I really liked this carving and my photo of it

Jesus, which is everywhere in the museum; some interesting colors here

Jesus being born

Kids being served by their staff

Some famous guy, with what must be his gay horse boy

Cool statue

Neat carving of mom and kids

Queen of some sort

Another queen, this one of Spain

Releif of babies; in red rock


Cool picture of men and their navies

In winter; reminded me of Maine

Men fighting over women

Royal family of long ago; lots of commentary about how the king is not front and center; his wife actually ran things, etc.

There were many of these - paintings of a galleries of paintings; very cool

A lovely building in Madrid

Lovely fountain and buildings in Madrid