Parliament - ruled the world for hundreds of years

More parliament, see Big Ben

Me & Big Ben

He's big

2,000 year old Roman wall, part of original London

Westminster Abbey

Big Eye - The way to see London.  Each car holds 25 people or so.  This wheel is enormous.

Looking up the back - if these cables break bad things happen (wheel falls in river).

Guard; not for the cables, but Buckingham Palace

Number 10 Downing Street - where the Prime Minister lives.

A telephone booth

Loved this sign.

An odd building

Another cool sign - wine grapes

London Tower

Little Ben

Famous pinnacle, from Cleopatra, I think; 2,000 years old.

Airplane flying by Big Ben - a contrast of old & new

New and interesting building overlooking the river

Old & New again - Old building with Marriott sign

Nice bridge

Tower bridge

Unilever headquarters - very cool building.