King's Lynn, England

Another small town north of London, though this is an old seaport and industrial area, so it's much more built up.  These days it's declining a bit and, as you'll see, crime is a problem.

Nice old church at center of town.  The clock on the left tells time; on the right, it tells the tides


Alcove; very detailed

Cool old building

Another cool older building

George (?) Vancouver, who discovered Vancouver, BC, is from King's Lynn

View out to the North Sea

Blurry view of common King's Lynn task - doing nothing

Naturally, this leads to crime

And neighbors watching crime

and criminals on probation

and drunks on probation causing trouble in pubs.  Seriously, all this crime stuff just jumped out at me in an hour of walking around (in addition to the memo in the hotel room on how not to have one's car stolen from the hotel parking lot)

Finally, they don't allow regular sinks in public bathrooms, just automated holes in the wall.