Hamburg, Germany

A few days spent in Hamburg.

A water town - with two lakes, a port, and a river.  The larger lake, complete with sailboats

The smaller lake

Nice building


Red brick church

Guy's car being towed away - by crane !

Sliding on the snow, in June !

Nice train station

More nice buildings

An artist; pretty stuff

There were dozens of these Hummel-like sculptures around town, all with different themes

And, the bathrooms were so cool in our huge rooms that I had to shoot some pictures - this bathroom was as large as some of our hotel rooms in other cities.  Note ultra-modern fixtures; with bowl on table, glass shower area (not just a tub).

Shower area (not tub), so you just stand there for shower - way better than any stall or other shower I've used.

Separate toilet room, and huge closet in addition to shower and sink area.