Davos - Ski Group

The whole group:
Front Row - Peter, Diane, M, Barbara, Mary Ellen, Steve, Brad
2nd Row - Sandra, Eva, Tim, Beverly, Pat, Candyce, Bill, Joanne
3rd/Back Row - Graham, Shannon, Chris, Debbie, Mark, Kirk, Suzanne, John, George

Dinner in the hotel - very good and filling every day, even with very small entree portions.
Note that the women at this table mostly shopped and occasionally skied.

Group enjoying a warmed spicy wine called Gluevine:

Our last lunch on the mountain - a tad cold to eat outdoors, but we were enjoying the national dish, Rosti.

Up on the mountain in St. Moritz
This be: Steve (me), Kirk, Mary Ellen, Suzanne, John, Beverly, Brad, Joanne, Pat

Me & a few mountains:

Great mountain picture. Pat, Mary Ellen, Beverly, Kirk.
These two guys grew up together and now live nearly next door to each other

George, JoAnn, Shannon, Chris with the killer view:

Two pictures of the group on the way to St. Moritz, our day trip away from Davos: