Parsenn 1

The Parsenn was the main ski mountain in Davos - there are actually 7 ski areas, but this was the largest and most popular. I skied 4 of the mountains, others skied as many as 6.

Here is the mountain itself, from Davos; we ski the backside and around to the right of the picture.
You can see the anti-avalanche barriers up on the right side.

This is the reverse view, where Davos is down in that dark valley and around to the right.

Looking left a bit, over the town of Klosters - we skied the mountain across the valley one day:

Another great view, looking down over the town of Kublis:

From the top of the world; all the Alps to see:

More beauty - we saw this same type of view, all day, every day:

From the top of the Parsenn on our last day, looking over Kublis. Our run takes us down about 1500 meters from here: