Day 1 - The Bight

Well, we didn't plan on going here, but Marty & Becky got to the boat late, missing the all important boat briefing and drink runs. This is okay, as the Bight is one of our favorite places - no inhabitants, but both a shore bar and a bar ship. This is where I spent my first night afloat in the BVI and Billy Bones was my first beach bar.

We got to witness some truly special body shots, worthy of their own page.

Nice picture of the Bight:

Heavy-duty partying on the William Thorton (Willie-T), the bar ship. Jacqueline flirted with the blonde shirtless boy for hours, allegedly to get him to sail to Trinidad.

A written record of all my trips to the BVI:

Jacqueline & Becky hanging at Billy Bones


Marty writing his record:

The bar ship itself: