Birthday 2005 Pictures

There were two parties - a Saturday dinner and Sunday BBQ - much fun was had at both:

Cool Cake - yummy, too !

Birthday Boy

Blowing out his cake

Connie & Manuel

Steve & Connie salivating over the cake

Manuel & Cynthia

Jerry & Derinda

Beautiful People - Manual, Cynthia, and Tony

Tony making a point in front of a bemused Cynthia

A very pregnant Saya and Nobuko - Saya's son Dante was born about two weeks later

Daniel, Nobuko, and Daniel

Daniel & housemate Mona discussing something important with arms crossed !

Ken just being cool

Yuki insuring Louie has enough attention

Yasuyo making an important point

Yuko, Adam, and Vlad chatting at the alcohol table

Cynthia and Tony again

Miyuki's that made me a nice dinner and cake