Henan Museum - Zhengzhou I

This is a relatively well-known history museum for the Henan area, which was China's capital for a long time.

The building with Yinan in front

Famous scene from history - I think of a god or ruler separating warring elephants

Very famous urn that is the symbol of the city and the area

Another urn

Cute girl looking intently at the red carved ball

More copperware and urns - very important to the history of the area

Very large semi-golden box - very elaborate, not sure what it's for

Buddha head, with smaller Buddha heads on top

Carved horse-like thing (or fish-like?)

Carved cat ?

Yinan with carved animal

Copper dragon


Bronze bowl

Jade woman

Carved man

Stone building model

Carved singers

Carved people

Dual urns, perhaps for milk or carrying water


Warriors (or just construction workers)

Yinan studying a big golden tank - perhaps for serving beer through the dragon heads ?