Shaolin Temple I

We visited the Shaolin temple, home of KungFu and where Buddhism came to China - a very interesting place.  
Not only 500+ years old, but also with amazing mountains up above, plus lots of history and tradition.

Main entrance - resplendent in the sunshine

Lots of people here every day - a very famous place

Statue of dedication

The temple is surrounded by pretty and very interesting mountain (see other pages)

Grounds are filled with training future Kungfu experts

Main temple building

Guarded by tough guys



Pretty tower

Lots of people coming to visit

Outside pagoda in amongst the cherry blossoms


A back courtyard held dozens of these carved wooden Kungfu figures - all life-sized and very cool

The area is under renovation and many of the statues were damaged or ruined, but lots were positioned in fighting rooms

Direct attacks

Yinan and an urn

Of course, Kungfu is not all the students do - they also play basketball

And they sell goodies to tourists (and you can see that not all Chinese are tiny and slim)