Shanghai & Suzhou

I had go about two hours out to the neighboring city of Suzhou to meet a software company - an interesting trip out through the countryside.

This is the Suzhou software center, very similar to places in Silicon Valley or Europe.  About 1,000 people here.

Of course, working hard means sleeping hard - this fellow in the lobby, others at their desks.

Construction is booming out here - these towers house thousands of people and they are being built EVERYWHERE.  Often one or two clusters per mile on the highways.

Here is a cluster under construction.

Rural delivery and contrast- man on a bike, across from row houses, but in the shadow of existing and new housing complexes

I heard that print advertising is growing faster than on-line, as evidenced by all the billboards
 I love this image of them lined up on the highway to Shanghai

A great idea - time countdowns on every traffic light, very useful !