Shanghai - Pudong

Pudong is a very large area east of the river (pu is river, dong is east) that was a swampy area of warehouses just ten years ago - it has now blossomed into a mix of high-rises, technology parks, and rows of well, row-houses.

View from the Bund - that's the Pearl Tower on the left and Jinmao tower on right-center

One of many clusters of interesting Pudong buildings - smaller than the giant Jinmao and Pearl towers, but still very tall

Another set of 3 big buildings, from the ground looking up

And from Jinmao tower, looking down on the the same buildings

Looking across the river at the Bund - my hotel is in on the left, just to the right of Suzhou creek, which hits the river in the left of the picture.

A more centrist view of the Bund, with the main east-west highway ending at the river.

Looking southwest at the Old City

Looking south at one of many clusters of tall apartments

Further South, more towers

Southeast, rows of colorful apartment houses

More towers, along side one of many vast construction sites eagerly awaiting a new building or complex