Shanghai - Other Interesting

Me on Nanjing Lu, with flags & holiday crowds

Our Sunday market investigation troupe - Josh, Helen, and me

The taxis are all clean and absurdly cheap, basically free at $1-2/ride - my most expensive trip was a 20 minute ride that cost a whole $3, but the driver is hard to talk to behind his little plastic bubble.  All the ads are for plastic surgery.

My friends at eBay China would enjoy this image

Josh, his wife, and Helen

Helen talking to merchants

Stumbled upon a model show in a shopping square

But then one of the models manages to fall down and has to be carried away

My huge hotel room - this is about one-half of it; this is the oldest hotel in China, once very prestigious

The view from my room

and from the corridor

Interesting public toilet in a mall - a single trough for 4-5 stalls - it all washes downhill !