Making Clothes

Shanghai has a very vibrant clothes-making area - you can really have anything made. 
This is great, but means you can choose anything you want, any style for a shirt cuff, collar, button, anything at all.

The area consists of lots of little booths - each loaded with fabric and various already-made clothes - quite a busy place.

Suits made to order for $50

Women's jackets - you can have any fabric, any buttons, any fur, anything at all !

Just pick the style you want from numerous catalogs and images

Cute jackets - these are to give you ideas, then design your own.

Heavy fabrics such as wool and cashmere

I saw this black jacket with red and had one of these made for a party - very Chinese and cool

Me in my new coat

Dozens and dozens of these little booths

Fabrics in every color and style

Had a very nice sweater made from this red cashmere yarn

And funky designs, too