Shanghai Interesting III

Traffic hazard - these chairs and bamboo warn drivers there is a hazard ahead, those bricks sitting in the street

My hotel room; very nice

Even has a small kitchen

Men working on a Saturday

Two women in Starbucks working on a song about Starbucks for an advertising campaign

Junior High School next to the hotel - complete with big running track and basketball hoops

Starbucks sign next to an old museum (which houses a nice new wine bar on the top floor)

Middle-America have arrived, complete with baseball caps

Interesting statue

Delivering water - very small and efficient - that's a bicycle

This man is siphoning water from a fire hydrant, maybe to resell it

Small temple next to a wall painted to hide (sort of) the new building next door; a popular picture and playing spot for families

Old shikumen alley in XinTianDi

Another alley - this is how Shanghai used to be

Same sort of buildings, now restored as part of a shopping complex

XinTianDi lake, where you can take sailing lessons

Contrast of old in front and new buildings behind

Old houses being torn down to make room for new towers - this happens everywhere in Shanghai

Shanghai Software Technology Park - thousands of programmers in these buildings, very similar to Silicon Valley

As appropriate for a tech park, a sculpture of a man and his son with a laptop

The famous MagLev train to the airport, arriving at the Shanghai end of the run. 
This is the only commercial maglev train in the world.

Our speed - 418 km/hr, though we later reached 430 km/hr, which is 267 miles per hour.  It's an interesting effect to watch, as going down to only 350 km/hr seem much, much slower, though that speed is still faster than all other trains in the world.  I also was in a taxi from the airport later and saw this train go by (it runs next to the highway), essentially going 200 mph faster than we were - it was like an airplane zooming by.  Amazing, and too bad it's only an 8 minute trip.