Interesting II

I just thought this was an interesting scene, for no particular reason

Outdoor store - water, rice, and a scale - what else do you need !

Streets are very clean - this is why

Streets very crowded - taxis have to navigate carefully

Note the green light for the taxi, but with mopeds in intersection - very often see many cars crossing against light

Again green light and both mopeds and jaywalkers

Subway at rush hour

Great system - screen over subway that says next car in 10 seconds, after that nearly 5 minutes until next train

Taxi license - the number is very important, as lower is more senior - anything above 200,000 is too new to know their way around

Notice that if you are schizophrenic or drunk you need a guardian

Selling roasted potatoes 

Selling nuts

Selling furs on the street

French wine store - very expensive stuff, but nice ambiance

"Striking firmly sheds of illegal management" !  This the sign saying don't sell fake merchandise, right over the heads of merchants selling that fake merchandise.

Merchant street

Speeding bike cart