Interesting I

Many interesting things in Shanghai - starting with this warning (in Chinese, English, and Japanese)

Typical street

Super yummy Sichuan food on my first day - sticky rice balls on left, spicy soup on right

My friend Alan at the 1st anniversary of Bar Rouge on the Bund

Bike repair shop - a guy on the street fixing mopeds

Interesting clothes drying system - hang shirts on poles extending out from building

To reduce tax fraud, the Chinese have a brilliant receipt system - the receipt (top) has a scratch-off area where you can win money, so every customer has an incentive to ask for the official receipt; this makes sure the restaurant actually reports their income (the government prints the receipts).  I won 5 RMB this day !

Fish head soup, with fish head

Very RED restaurant - red walls

Bar on fire at Bar Rouge - a strip of alcohol lit up

How to avoid stealing & snatching

Hot soup - floating chili peppers

At party

Good image of 747 engines over the Pacific Ocean with the sun setting

Map as we leave Russian airspace and head down to Japan

Passing west of Japan, though this map is not that accurate, since we were nearly over the
Japanese coast and I could see the lights of Japanese cities, which should have been 100 miles away