Shanghai Interesting

Love in and for China - actually a very striking image, about four feet high

Chinese scaffolding - bamboo sticks roped together - these guys are setting up some of this

These bike repair "shops" are everywhere, essentially a mobile guy with a bike and some tools, 
essential for a city that runs on bikes

More bikes, conveniently wrapped in USA colors

Little boy at a table next to my friend and me

For a nationalist-oriented country, there are really very few flags, less than in the U.S.
This was one was a full furl in a strong wind, on a European-style building for good contrast

A very old (150 years+?) weather tower for measuring wind, temperature, etc.
Note how it's been overshadowed by the new highway and major roadways

The use of English is very interesting - virtually everything new has English words on it, from fire extinguishers to obscure things like this elevator permit - something few foreigners would ever see, but in the spirit of English-everywhere, here it is

I'm not sure what Email Fashion is

Fish-head salad

An idea of the haze and air pollution - this is a bright and sunny day and this tower is about two blocks away, yet somewhat difficult to see in the haze.  You can rarely see more than 10-20 blocks

Being very public minded, the streets have convenient maps to the nearest public bathrooms
The first character (above the Dir) is GONG, meaning public

Old houses in an old part of town - not easy to live in a house with half a roof and no windows