Shanghai - Commerce II

The main Shanghai market for tourists - lots of knockoffs, but great prices - amazing stuff for $5-10

Lots of foreigners, though it helps to negotiate in Chinese (funny actually)

The big signs at the entrance that say no counterfeit goods are allowed, though you do see a few (well, a lot)

Merchant girl with interesting goods from the south - pretty pictures, scrolls, other goodies.  Chatted with her a bit in Chinese.

Another merchant, one of the ones we are trying to help with our new company in Shanghai

A guy who sketched my picture while I was sitting in an outside cafe

Had to negotiate a price in Chinese - Y25, about $3.  Makes me look fat !

Packed local shopping mall

YuYuan Park and Markets - fairly touristy, though also very Chinese, too - and very packed

And of course buried in there is a McDonald's

And a Starbucks

It's a huge place, with various streets and even a small lake in the middle

By contrast, there is Xintiandi - a foreigners playgound of western shops and bars

This was interesting - he was offering me women or men while I sat at an outdoor bar

This girl, like many, tried to chat me up on Nanjing Lu - common among professionals

I never figured out this scene next to me (other than the Pizza Hut, which I understood). 
She's 20 years younger than him (and very attractive), possibly a professional.

Something you don't see every day, in Yuyuan shopping area.

Not something you see every day - Pizza & Pasta plus Cappuccino

Some things never change - men always waiting for women while they shop