Shanghai - Commerce I

Lots of things are for sale in Shanghai - perhaps too many things.  Lots of commerce, lots of shops and stores, lots of people selling watches, trinkets, and more.

First, the required neon shot - actually the only neon street in Shanghai

Other views of the same street


Big neon

Something you don't see every day - Americans buying tiger furs on the street - they were haggling for quite some time, drawing a crowd of both sellers and onlookers.

This boy was a young hawker, in Nanjing Dong Lu grabbing passers-by to buy something (I forget what).

A giant coke bottle

A rather large electronics mart on Beijing Lu, many floors of tiny cubes selling LEDs, switches, and transformers - much larger and more organized than Tokyo's famous Akiharbara.

Another girl selling hot rolling sneakers (in the blue bags)

You never know when you'll need a pump or valve, so there are scores of stores like this on Beijing Lu - like a huge Home Depot turned inside out

More of these little cubby holes.  I shot this from quite a distance, so it's not clear what they are selling.

More shops - maybe power tools on the left and saw blades on the right

One of several nice shopping malls, but this is my only picture - they wouldn't let me take pictures in the nicest malls, where cameras are not allowed, probably to combat counterfeiters.