Shanghai - Bund

This is the Bund, the oldest part of the city, along the river. 
Originally built by the British, it obviously has a very European flavor.
It looks across the rive into Pudong, with spectacular views and images.

Movie of the Bund at Night

The Bund during the day

The Bund at night

Cars along the Bund at night

View of Pudong's Pearl Tower at night

With a water foreground

Fireworks my first night in town - to celebrate my arrival !

The Pudong Tourist Tunnel - which takes you on a journey under the river in these little capsules, among blinking lights and other funky things.

An old barge tied up next to a monument and in the shadow of 21st century buildings.
I'm not sure who the guys are hanging out, but I was struck by the contrasts.