Buildings & Lights

First, the best picture of the Bund from across the river

Me on Bund

Many well-lit tourist ships on the river at night

More lovely buildings - the Bund is the historical center of the city and very European

Broader view - very European

The Bund from Jin Mao Tower

From the hotel - Pearl Hotel  on the left and JinMao tower in center-right

A restaurant called Face (as you might guess)

Housing unit across from the hotel

Hui Hai Zhong Lu - Main Street of the French Area, where all the good shopping and foreigner housing is

Jing An Temple in central Shanghai

Looking out over Shanghai

Looking down 88 floors

Looking up 88 floors (Jin Mao)

Christmas Season - CITIC Center Shopping Mall on NanJing Xi Lu

Pearl Tower up close


Micro-McDonald's on the Bund (PuDong side) - this thing is about 10 feet square; no idea where they cook the food

ShangriLa hotel

Major shopping street at Xu Jia Hui, a major shopping area

Big Starbucks (Xing Ba Ke in Chinese) at XinTianDi Foreigner Shopping Area

Xin Tian Di Christmas Tree

Very Christmas like store front


Fallout from the building boom - the unfinished building lost its financing and sits half-finished to the dismay of the neighbors

Asia Financial Center - may be the tallest building in Asia