Around the Mountain

The top of the mountain is full of old and interesting parks, villas, old paths, stairs, and other pre-war buildings such as churches and pools.

Nice gateway to the main animal park

The park behind has a bunch of interesting animals and sculptures, like this Aries Ram

Running horses below the pool at the square

Typical (though large) old villa in the hills - this one used as a hotel

Another, nearly abandoned villa, used by a local family - houses like this are everywhere 

The mountain is full of old paths, stairs, and walkways, like these stairs up into the bamboo.
Once you learn your way around, these are convenient, peaceful, and always an adventure. 

Yinan along the trails

Another local house dating from before the war

The pool - dating from about 1919.  Photos show this heavily used by foreign families in the 20s and 30s.
It sill fills automatically from springs but is dilapidated and hardly used.

The small church, next to the pool - not used much since the War or Revolution

The Lodge - home away from home for foreigners visiting the mountain - don't forget to order dinner a day in advance

One of the gateways of a spiritual area in the old Nationalist compound

A lot of tourists come around - here down by the creek we find sedan chairs to take you back up to the road

Interesting bottle cooling system down by the creek

A lot of the tourists come to see the Chiang Kai Shek museum, since he ran the country
from here for some time, especially after World War II.
This building is part of the museum and hotel complex.

Picture of Chiang Kai Shek and Soong Mae-Ling in the museum

Nice-looking lamps at the museum complex