The lovely city of Yokohama is just south of Tokyo, sort of on the other side of the bay.  I've hardly ever been there, so this was a good opportunity to visit, especially the famous (and large) China town.

Yokohama tower - very pretty, in lots of different colors

The Foreigners' Cemetary, which was started when one of the crew of Commodore Perry's Black Ships died during the "opening up" of Japan around 1853 (?).  Since then, lots of foreigners have been buried here - and Christian crosses are certainly something not seen in regular Japanese cemetaries.

The Yokohama bridge; not a good picture, but an interesting bridge

The entrance to Chinatown

A Chinatown street

The main shrine / temple - far larger and more spectacular than any I've seen in China or Chinatowns around the world.  This is a very large structure, 50+ feet tall.

Same building with me in front; sorry for the darkness, but needed the flash to light up my face

Skyline view of the city, with the amusement park and interesting colored blue thing

Last thing we did was get our fortunes told, in this booth; I'm supposed to be able to easily see ghosts . . .