Yasukuni Shrine

The single largest source of conflict between Japan and its neighbors right now is the prime minister's visits to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.  The Shrine honors those who died in war, but also houses the remains of several top war criminals from WWII.  The Chinese and others see the prime minister's visits as honoring those criminals and thus piling more fuel on the fires that still burn from the war.  I visited the shrine to look at the scene of such controversy.  There is also a big war museum, but I did not have time to go in.

First, the beautiful entrance trees

The main gate, with the shrine beyond

The main shrine - I did not pray or pay my respects here.

The museum

A new building, just finished, but in a traditional style, in contrast to the building behind

A monument of some kind (no idea what is says).  There are lots of these tall stone monuments in Japan, very stately.

Interesting and typical Japanese sign - very traditional-looking

Outdoor stage

Interesting old lamp, in a big yard near the stage

Lamp / Tree combination

Finally, the Tokyo museum for war memories, which I think is like an archive.  I didn't have time to go in.