Tokyo 2

Christmas time in Tokyo - huge blue tree in Shibuya Mark City (Shopping Center)

Mori Tower at the center of Roppongi Hills.  Very nice art museum at the top.

Night tree lights in Roppongi Hills

Small part of Shibuya Station near rush hour, just starting to get crowded

Commuter rail line exit gates

Typical small store, with lots of goods outside to entice you; very bright & colorful

Very commercial in this area - go to the Sale !

Shopping street

Tiny pub in Setagaya

Interesting stone tablet; very pretty

Tokyo Tower

Tunnel of pretty trees in Akasaka

Looking up through the pretty trees

Pretty fall colors

More trees on same street

My hotel in Tokyo, in Akasaka (Aoyama 1-Chome)

And, finally, a traditional toilet; not often seen these days