Kyoto Temples & Other

Kyoto is a very interesting place, like Japan a contrast between the new and old.  First, there is the new and interesting train station, which combines the station with a new hotel and huge department store.  This is the hotel portion.

The inside station atrium.  This is an enormous space, as an aircraft carrier could fit in here.

Looking the other way under the roof, up 10 levels of escalators to the sky.

A view of Kyoto from the top; not exciting, but typical.

Now, the more traditional - an unusual and old building in a famous garden.

Pretty tree and pond.

Interesting contrast between full yellow tree and a tropical green one - contrast in type, color, and shape.

A view of the trees through a stone lantern.

Elaborate entrance to one of the famous temples
(there are two dueling temples near each other, one split from the other long ago)

The actual temple itself - an enormous building.

Inside, with regular people praying; in this case, listening to a sermon

Another temple (competing) with a bit more beauty - this is only 25% of the room.

Another temple room filled with priests.

A modern part of the temple, preserving the old style in modern (fireproof) materials.

Outside a temple; I believe you pay to have loved ones listed on these boards.

Famous five level pagoda in Kyoto; you can see it towering over the people at the base.

Another view and reflection in a pond.  A classic image of Japan.

A lovely tree in a temple courtyard.

An old temple being restored - they build a huge metal building over it so they can work on the roof
and remove major panels even in the rain.