Tokyo Interesting II

A standard bullet train - pretty sleek

A very sleek Nozumi bullet train

Another view of the platypus nose of the Nozumi - runs at 300kph, about 170 MPH.

An interesting Taxi service.  Kinki is a region of Japan,
though they use Kansai more often now due to the English meaning of this word.

Japan is a highly wired country, with impressive technology everywhere, except in laptops.  This is one of the ONLY laptop I saw in use the whole week, by a woman standing in a train station.

Of course, Japan is the land of automated toilets - here is a VERY simple control panel; some have a dozen buttons - you can't fully see the images here, but they have good icons for buttocks.

Yes, if you look hard enough you can find a track 0 !!

A bathroom exhibit in the wonderful Roppongi Hills Museum - pictures were banned in the museum, but this was in the bathroom, where I risked a secret picture.

Harajuku greasers - Elvis-like impersonators dancing to old music.  Common in this park on Sundays.

More homeless, in a subway station

These are everywhere - I love the pictures - with child, pregnant, old, injured.

Yup, this is surely true, those less so than in the past - some things are pretty short !

Yamanote train leaving the station