Tokyo Interesting I

The first Japanese Apple store opened while I was in town - the line extends for 3 city blocks !

Waiting hours to get in

Founder of Sapporo Beer, which despite the name (from a northern city) was founded here in Tokyo.

An old beer brew kettle at the museum

Two so-so Mt. Fuji images taken from the bullet train.

Slightly crowded train station - this is pretty normal

Expensive gift fruit - these are $25-35 - EACH or Per Box

Famous (Kabuki ?) theater in Ginza

Japanese Fire Truck (Imperial Palace Grounds)

On the Tokyo Bay Island - an interesting angle bridge (in the pouring rain).

Tokyo Big Site - A convention center.  This building is enormous, about 150 feet high (you can see a few people near the base, above the red billboard).  This is also pretty darn ugly.

A monument of some type - a 25 foot tall gold member.

The Tokyo Statue of Liberty and bridge in the mist.

The most interesting building in Tokyo - a TV station with giant ball room in the middle.

Another view