One of the more interesting parts of Tokyo is Shibuya, which is a major shopping district catering to teens and young adults.  It's also close to everything important and a major transportation hub.  I stayed at a Ryokan (Japanese Inn) in Shibuya, about 15 minutes (uphill) walk from the station (in the rain).

First, we have to look at Starbucks, which has invaded Tokyo - this is part of a 7-8 story book and DVD store opposite the main station.

The intersection between the station and the above building is one of my favorite in Japan, as it goes from being a busy street to a massive 1,000 person crosswalk when the lights change.  The following (blurry) images show this a bit, but the weather was bad - it's more impressive when the street is swarming with humanity.

A top view in the rain

Kids romping near the station.

The most famous meeting place in Japan - Hachiko, the Shibuya Station Dog.  Everyone meets here.

An interesting eatery in the rain - it's pouring, but you can have a warm, dry meal here.

Side street in Shibuya

A New York City deli in Tokyo !

An interesting something of a sculpture on Aoyama Dori, outside a children's center.

An interesting statue outside a major shopping center - the goddess of shopping, I believe !

What else can I say - Information, but not in English !

A cafe for junkies.

It's difficult to see in this picture, but Japanese construction sites are light-happy.  There are no fewer than six different types of warning lights on these signs - arrows, flashers, blinking strips, and others - you really can't miss the fact that you are not supposed to drive into the ditch !

The Japanese are not immune to Lotto - always long lines to buy tickets.

And finally a sneaker washer in the Laundromat I was using - I've never seen one of these - complete with a sneaker dryer (not shown)