Ueno - Park

The park itself is quite large and interesting.

First, the Rodin sculptures - starting with the Gates of Hell - there are only 4-5 of these in the world; Tokyo, Stanford, another in the US and I think two in Europe; I've seen three.

Burghers of Calais - with appropriate colorful tree behind

One of my favorite pictures capturing the Thinker and the fall colors

Temple entrance

Entrance to a temple

Kids are often dressed in bright kimono for various events - I don't have many pictures, but they are among the most beautiful things in Japan - a child in a gorgeous kimono.

Another large gate to the main Ueno temple.  Pretty trees.

Of course, why have a garden if you don't have a whale !!  At least outside the science museum.

Most Japanese kids wear school uniforms - this is Saturday, when they have a half day of school

Yes, there are homeless in Japan, especially in this park.

Pretty lanterns

Proof I went to the zoo - a monkey !  Actually, the zoo is the only place in Japan you see lots of kids.

Pretty stone pagoda with red tree

Little shrine

A very old bell at the top of Ueno hill - used to be rung out at certain hours to provide time for city residents.

Typical sign - very nice looking - artistic in its own right

Cool sculpture near station



One  thing is to figure out why this official guy is standing in the middle of birds - he doesn't move for several minutes as they gather, then sends them all away.  Very strange.


An oddly tall and narrow building on the edge of the park

Another, closer and more intense Thinker