Ueno - Museum 1

Ueno is an interesting area in the Northeast of Tokyo, famous for its large park and museums.  This page is from the National Museum, shown below (one of many buildings).  It was a beautiful 70 degree day in November.

Ancient armor

Old wooden armor, probably a statue

A bell, maybe 1,000 years old

Not sure what this is, but it was big and fierce looking

Old armor


Not Buddha !

Fierce gods - 12, I think, of various things and depicted by various animals

One of the gods

And another

A colorful idol, presumably from China

Very old armor

Ancient (1,000+ years) artifacts

More old and interesting shapes

Old pottery, 1,000-2,000+ years

A very nice exhibit of pottery

A small village of statues

Fierce warrior idol

Pretty lacquered dish

Interesting pottery; note attached little cups

Wooden woman

Pretty and old statue

Gold Buddha