Japan - Sugamo

We went to Sugamo, an older part of northern Tokyo, far from the neon and glitter of Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Ginza. 
There are nice older shopping streets and parks here.

A bit crowded on a Saturday

Typical shop

Me with fish and other goodies - still lots of these traditional shops, even in Tokyo

Monks in front of their temple

People pouring water over a statue that gives good luck; all temples have "holy" water, but unlike in the West, you are encouraged to wash your hands in it, to drink it, and to generally spread it around.

The sponsorship lanterns out front - you can pay to buy one of these to
sponsor the temple (mostly purchased by companies, I think)

A nice park nearby, with big lakes (it was getting to be sunset)

Another nearby temple

And a flower pagoda