Japan - Interesting

This dealership has been here for at least 15 years - must still be selling them !

Odd-looking little buggy on the street

Small playground, with kids & moms; rare in Japan these days

I like this solution - put all the smokers in a big box !

Good fall scene with leaves in foreground, steps to nowhere but up to the light

Road with leaf tree tunnel

Another view

Another kid shot - colorful boy on a trike

A construction safetyman - these guys are everywhere, as they stand on the sidewalk in front of construction sites to manage the flow
of vehicle and people traffic; they are very polite and have standard hand signals used to manage everything

A Christmas store in a very non-Christian, but very commerical country

The Yamanote ring train arriving - at rush hour, it carries 1,000 people every 2-3 minutes around Tokyo

People approach ready to get on - Japan is a polite place, so they will stand to the side as passengers get off,
as opposed to China where they stand in front of the doors and force their way on as people are getting off

A lonely empty station after everyone is gone - actually very visually attractive places with their curves, lights, and symmetry