Japan - Interesting

Only in Japan do you get a little spoon with your cone - they delivered it this way (I did not stage it with the spoon)

A neighborhood shrine in Akasaka; nestled in among a busy business street

My first view of a U.S. Army office installation in downtown Tokyo

A mechanical flagman - the arm on the right (his left) moves up and down to warn traffic

A man washing his cement truck, which are all spotless - something I've never seen growing up in the concrete business

This sign is near the street in Aoyama; curiously, there is no Japanese equivalent - does this mean that only Westerners have dirty dogs?
Not really, as I saw other streets with signs in both languages; the Japanese one here is just missing.

Escalator etiquette - stand on left and walk on right; this is very rigid and never violated - very efficient.

Pretty flowers in a hotel lobby; sign says it's from a nearby flower arranging school

Homeless man in cemetery  Note his head is on a water botle.