Japan - Buildings

Contrast in buildings - back building is Shiodome, the front is a rebuilt version of the first train station in Tokyo (or Japan), 
dating to the 1870s when the U.S. and Europe supplied the first trains

The Akasaka Prince Hotel on a clear and lovely day

Interesting building - three main trunks and exterior skeleton; very cool

And another (at Shinodome); lots and lots of glass

Nice little building with odd top, but surrounded by nice trees

View from hotel - this is Akasaka Mitsuke; mixed residential and commercial

Tokyo at night

Another view from Tokyo Tower; note cluster of light up signs in the center

A typical large intersection, with lots of color, neon, etc.

Empire State Building look-a-like

Ex-patriot apartment building - I've been up there, 3000 square foot places, huge for Tokyo
Only affordable with an ex-pat package

Twilight view from Tokyo Tower - Roppongi Hills Mori Tower on the left and new complex under construction on the right.
My hotel in between them, about 1km further away.

Close-up Mori Tower at twilight

Shiodome looking straight up

Another pretty white building

Roppongi Hills Apartment Tower - Lovely color in the bright sun

Church in Roppongi Hills

Inside the tiny church

View of Rainbow Bridge to O-Daiba