Japan 2001

My friend Ellie and Yoriko

The famous giant Buddha at Kamakura - it was built nearly 800 years ago,
but the building covering this blew off almost 700 years ago in 1335.

Ellie & me at Buddha

Me with the Buddha

Small temple at Kamakura

Washing money at the temple for good luck - I still carry this 1,000 yen note

My friend Ellie

Cooking some Japanese delicacy

Me eating her cooking

Dinner on the ocean, near Kamakura

Ellie & me in the little buggy ride

Ride guy pulling us

A related old temple, with name strips

A group of us at dinner on Daiba

At dinner again

The group on Daiba Island

Statue of Liberty replica on Daiba Island

More Steve


With Yoriko after lunch on my last day

On the train