Shanghai's Three Temples

Shanghai has only three remaining large Buddhist temples, though unfortunately they have been rebuilt over the years, often using concrete and steel.  As a result, they capture more of the spirit of the original than the actual substance.

First the Jade Temple, with famous Buddhas of Jade (which you can't take pictures of).

This is the reclining Buddha - a very beautiful room and scultpure

Lots of banners in front of the main hall

Chinese Screen, with lots of detail

Tradition dictates you buy and light incense at the communal fire

You then pray four times - once in each direction (North, South, East, West)
I waited a long time to capture this old woman on film, as she seemed to carry the Chinese spirit this day

And an older man coming out of the temple itself

Very interesting & pretty bird near entrance

Next is Jing An temple, in the middle of the nicest shopping and business district.  My hotel was across the street.

Inside the courtyard - note this is all concrete construction now,
and contrasts sharply with the movie and shopping billboards on the mall behind

Big Buddha


Next is Long Hua Temple, in Southern Shanghai - here is its pagoda

And ribbon tree - the purpose is unclear, but I think you buy ribbons to hang, providing financial support for the temple

Main Buddha Hall

Lighting incense for prayer

Very gold Buddhas

First time I've seen Buddhas look like angels, almost with wings

Many Buddhas (or warriors, I forget) - sorry for the poor lighting

Room of the many Buddhas