China 2006 - Shanghai Zhujiajiao III

Temple courtyard, with requisite ornate smoke generator

Separately, in tourist areas you can buy a hand-made duvet or futon cover.
they pull out sheets of cotton or other materials to about a foot thick, then cover it in silk, etc.  

We tried to shop here, but the girl was asleep; when we woke her, she said she was sleeping and to go away !
Now that's customer service. 

There was a nice set of museums in this town, though the most interesting had these huge carved murals depicting Chinese history.





And old camels


Pretty stone carving, probably of old marketplace

Pretty wooden carving

Old library

A "mandarin", or bureaucrat of old China, stamping official documents

Very old pottery - pretty; note upper right animal-like vessel

Old axes of various stones

Old weaving loom (I built state-of-the-art looms in 1990, with all the same components as this one a couple thousand years older)

Old 'totem' style poles recovered from archeological sites nearby

A carver making things for tourists

Man with character in his face !

Finally, a sad man - he never moved from this position in the several minutes I was watching and getting the shot composed.
He's outside a small house on the back side of the canal, beside the church.  Not having a good day.