China 2006 - Shanghai Zhujiajiao II

Water town at dusk - a pretty sight

A side pavilion near a small pond - a very peaceful corner of the place

Interesting small church behind all the shops - lovely in the sunshine

Christian church with Chinese accents (especially the roof)

On the way to the church, we walked down a long back alley

with some formerly-pretty buildings; actually an odd place for such a formal building, on an alley near a canal. 
It must have had more direct canal access at some point.

The funniest of all things - on a wall in the alley is this graffiti supporting President Bush !
It says "America created God, please help Mr Bush win his 5th succession"
(no idea what it means by 5th succession since he has only two terms)

The random alley with the quote - no clue why it's here or who might have written it.  
But the number to the left is an agency that can give you fake job certifications for your resume and other illicit uses.

Shanghai has interesting food - here saucy pork

It's crab season, so every restaurant has crabs, but no space for them, so they are kept
outside the doors in these tubs with air tubes to keep them alive (and assure you they are fresh).

Up close - a delicious Shanghai delight in the fall

An interesting fruit - a giant grapefruit-like fruit sold on the street. 
Tastes pretty good, refreshing on a hot day (and they peel them for you).

Some food they make for you - making a small rice treat covered in heavy green paper. 
Not super sanitary, but fortunately you don't eat the sticks she's sucking on.